Producer / Director

Fifer Tierra Fischer Garbesi



Garbesi is a virtual reality producer and documentarian from Northern California, with award-winning content from Ghana, Tanzania, Cuba, Spain, Italy, and The United States. Her 360 documentary, ¡Viva la Evolución!exploring underground dance in Cuba screened at Cannes NEXT, The World VR Forum, and Raindance. She has received support for her work from Google JUMP and Oculus Launchpad and produced content for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Unity Developer

Troy Allen Norcross



Co-Founder of GameHearts, Norcross combines a creative approach to UI with a strong coding background. He designed a completely new method of interfacing with environments while working on a 3D model viewer for cardboard VR. Working with Stanford Research Center on a virtual reality neuroscience experiment led him to a keen interest in the workings of the brain.


Unity Developer

Joe Lang 



Lang has worked at Stanford University Department of Clinical Anatomy for 3 years. There, he headed the research and development lab, enhancing courses with innovative technology. He has a vast experience examining new devices and utilizing them for real world applications.


Torkom Ji

Sound Designer

Torkom Ji 




Torkom Ji is a sound designer, meditation facilitator, and creator of the Quantum Harmonix. His works can be found in apps like Inscape, Kargoe, Mindbliss, among others and he has helped countless individuals find balance and restoration through his unique method. Torkom layers drones and harmonic sounds in real time using a synthesizer, and utilizes this system to produce monthly “sound bath” events around Los Angeles. He designed sound FX and ambient music for Neuroexplorer VR.


3D Generalist

Julian Sestanovich 




Sestanovich is an animator and CG Generalist with a talent for Unity integration. His expertise includes animation, modeling, texturing, rendering, and compositing, in addition to rigging and particle dynamics/simulations. When he’s not animating, he’s hiking, brewing beer or playing the banjo.

micahheadshot (1).jpg

Virtual Reality Artist

Micah James Zayner




A graduate of sculpture at the University of Wisconsin, Zayner dreamed of more whimsical methods. When the fantasy of waving your hand through thin air was fulfilled, he built a mixed reality studio in his house and tested the limits of his sanity by spending days on end in Tiltbrush. In the real world, he works at the Odin and is Artist in Residence at the Tech Museum.